Nightclub Packages

We organise Exclusive Party packages for all the major clubs in Miami South Beach, including LIV, STORY, CAMEO, DREAM, MYNT, KING OF DIAMONDS and  NIKKI BEACH.

All nightclub packages include :

2 hour open bar pre party

+ Limo or party bus to the party

+ Priority VIP entry included for your club of choice (LIV, STORY, CAMEO or DREAM)

*****9.30-11.30 – 2 hour Open Bar and Pre Party @ The Hotel Catalina*****
***** Limo / Party bus Ride to the club*****
Feel like a Rockstar arriving to a party in Miami in style!!!! *****VIP Speedy entry to LIV, Story, Cameo or Dream*****

  Liv Nightclub is one of the most famous and iconic clubs in Miami and is well known to be the place to go. Liv has redefined epic nightlife in South Beach…Located underneath the famous Fontainebleau hotel in South Beach, LIV has redefined nightlife on Miami South Beach.
  LIV has long established itself as a legendary nightspot regularly attracting the biggest DJ’s such as Steve Aoki, ALESSO, David Guetta, Tiesto and AXWELL + INGROSSO among others, with it being closely comparable with some of the best clubs Las Vegas has to offer in terms of size and star power.Open Wednesday-Sunday, LIV ffers and mix of both HIP HOP and EDNM nights, with Sunday being the world famous HIP HOP extravaganza….
*****VIP table bookings are available here- Please contact directly for pricing and quotations*****
Wednesday – Saturday @ LIV:  Guys- $99   Girls-$59
Reservations- Call/text 3054913711
Story Nightclub is the latest addition to the Miami party scene and is located around the plush 5th street. Story is one of the largest nightclubs offering a both spacious capacity which offers party goers a multilevel experience as well as having a generous VIP:CLUB ratio meaning those who simply want to enjoy the experience without buying tables won’t feel out of place.Story offers a mix of Hip Hop and EDM events, and brings together some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop and EDM world, hosting such names as DJ Kalid, Chris Brown, Akon, Travis Scott, ALESSO, Calvin Harris, Oliver Heldens, Robin Schulz, Diplo etc.*****VIP Table reservations are available here, please contact for pricing and availability*****
Thursday-Saturday @ Story:  Guys- $99  Girls- $59
Reservations: Call/text 3054913711              Cameo has long been established as one of Miami’s most dedicated and successful Hip Hop clubs, regularly hosting some of the hottest Hip Hop and RnB biggest and brightest stars such as Trey Songz, Travis , Lil Wayne among others.
*****VIP Table reservations and bottle service available here- please email directly for pricing and quotations*****
Friday-Saturday @ Cameo Guys:$69 Girls $49

Reservations: Call/text 3054913711

Located on Washington avenue in central South Beach, Dream is another of Miami’s most loved HIP HOP destinations. Counting Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, the entire cast of The Jersey Shore, Diddy and Usher among its clients, whether you’re a jet setter, celebrity, socialite, or trendsetter, Dream Nightclub is your dynamic destination. Dream Nightclub is without question one of the premier Hip Hop and RnB destinations in Miami, always drawing a happening crowd on a Saturday night. With the capacity around 600 being organised in advance is a must.

*****VIP Table reservations available @ Dream, please contact directly for price and availability******

Saturday @ Dream : Guys $69 Girls : $59